Walla Sound Bluetooth Speaker FAQs

Product FAQs: Walla Sound BT Speaker

Can my Walla Sound Bluetooth Speaker connect to any phone?

It can! The Walla Sound BT Speaker is a premium piece of technology that can connect via Bluetooth to a variety of devices. These include iPhones, Android phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

Can my Walla Sound speaker get wet?

Walla Sound speakers are designed for use in the great outdoors, with IPX5 dust and water resistant technology. It is an excellent speaker to use by the poolside or take on camping trips. Due to their waterproof rating, Walla Sound speakers can resist rain, sweat, and moisture from other sources – making them the ideal speaker to take with you on a jog, to yoga class, or other physical activities.

However, these speakers are not fully waterproof, and it is not recommended to ever fully submerge your speaker.

How long is the battery life after a single, full charge?

The Walla Sound Bluetooth Speaker has a battery life of between 8 and 10 hours at full volume playing after a single charge. For best results and to improve the longevity of your speaker, we recommend charging your speaker more frequently, as opposed to letting the battery run out with each use.

What is the Bluetooth connectivity range of the Walla Sound BT Speaker?

Our speaker can connect to your device via Bluetooth at a range of up to ten meters. However, this may vary depending on objects that may be obscuring your device or the conditions for use.

Can I receive phone calls while using my Walla Sound speaker?

This can depend on which device you have. Typically, upon receiving a phone call, you will have the option of taking it via your phone or via the Bluetooth speaker.

Can I pair two Walla Sound Bluetooth Speakers to play in Stereo/TWS mode?

Our premium Bluetooth speakers support stereo pairing. In order to link two speakers, there are some steps you will need to follow.

  • Switch both speakers on and ensure that neither is connected to any device. If you have previously connected to the speaker, ensure that you change the device’s Bluetooth settings to “Forget Device” to prevent it from re-connecting automatically.
  • When you have powered both speakers on and ensured that neither is connected to another device, press and hold the “M” button on one speaker for a few seconds until you hear the tone. Repeat this for the second speaker, and listen for another tone to notify you that the speakers have been paired successfully. Check that the indicator lights are flashing slowly – this means that they are paired in TWS/Stereo mode.
  • To play music through your paired speakers, use your device to search for available Bluetooth devices. Find your Walla Sound speaker and connect. Your speakers should play your music simultaneously.

Looking for something but struggling to find it?

Feel free to reach out to our customer support team so that we may assist you as needed. However, keep in mind that when are experiencing an increase in support requests, we may take a while to get back to you. Your patience is much appreciated.